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"I have a great pleasure to share my exp.in Quality Testing.I must say that have learned a lot of new things from this forum. Hope I can learn even more from all my valuable friends in this forum.
Ravi Mudhapati | QA Analyst | Wipro | Bangalore | India

"Thanks a lot QT team. And QT is really valuable and beneficial for me. I am happy to be the part of QT."
Sonika Singh | Software Tester | Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. | Indore | MP| India

"Awesome Place for all the tester.Different People with Different experience learning is really awesome here.and also there are very good opportunity to those who want to upgrade there skills in testing .. ;) Testing Rocks!!!!!! in QT."
Richa Yadav | QA Engineer | Eventech Entertainment Pvt Ltd | Mumbai | Maharashtra | India

"It is an excellent side to get more information regarding Testing & more number of persons are helping out to 'n' no.of peoples & sharing their knowledge ,not only getting knowledge getting job too ,im more addicted to this site .Im Big fan of this site too."
Yuvaraj | Test Engineer | STS Tech Solutions | Chennai | Tamil Nadu | India

"QUALITY TESTING is an daily updated website with testing knowledge in all the related fields and it is a knowledge sharing , jobs also..."
Srivathsav | Fresher | Hyderabad | India

"This is a good place to learn things related to Quality Assurance. There are mock ups to practice for Exams.  QT will be best place to  learn about Quality.
Gud Luck QT...!!!"
Ishanka| Software Tester | DMS (PVT) Ltd | Colombo Wesrern | Sri Lanka

"QT has provided a good platform to share and gain the testing knowledge. And its very important to update our skills. I like the tester discussing on different topics and participating in the discussions. I am addicted to QT, Whenever I get the time I never miss the chance to visit QT."
S Sarita | QA Engineer | Cybage Software | Pune | Maharastra | India

"I have been using QT from long time and I have noticed it that if a person keeps on visiting QT on a regular basis then cracking an Interview in testing is not a big deal. QT team would have started it as a small venture to support testers but now its not just a small venture, in fact QT has become life for thousands of testers including me.. now I can't afford to keep myself away from QT even for a single day...! Thanks to QT Team from the core of my heart."
SAMRAT JHA | QA Engineer | Technosoft | Faridabad | Haryana | India

"Its great to be part of Quality Testing Group. Its a great opportunity to learn and share my experience and knowledge."
Shivakumar | Test Analyst | HSBC | Bangalore | Karnataka | India

"Quality testing is a fantastic forum to keep yourself updated with new test practices. All the best to the community and the team at Quality testing."
Vignesh Swaminathan | QA | Amazon.com | Chennai | TamilNadu | India

"Its been a while that i have been interacting on QT. QT is a great source of questions,answers and a coherent collection of hallowed documentation. The synergy and devotion of people committed to help others is awesome. I wish the endeavor goes on and on!!!"
Abhijeet Bhagat | Asst. Manager - QC(Automation) | Synechron Technologies Pvt.Ltd | Pune | Maharashtra | India

"Quality testing is a fantastic forum to keep yourself updated with new test practices. A community forum "of the testers by the tester for the people". It has played a fantastic role in introducing test automation tools like eggPlant to QA practitioners. All the best to the community and the team at Quality testing."
Srideep Mitra | Marketing and Partner Consultant | TestPlant | London | UK

"It is good for many."
Badari Mukteevi | Consultant | Hyderabad | India

"Hi, I learn Lot of things from this website, i joined this community 1-1.5 years ago, this site is good for beginers as well as for experienced, Discussion of this site helped lot,forumes,blogs are also so good. Here I learned lot from QT friends, one of them is Mr. Abu Baker and many others."
Ajay Kumar Pardhi | Software Tester | Patni Computers | Mumbai | India

"It is very useful site and on its way to turn as encyclopedia for testing and Quality concepts soon. It is not possible without active participation of our friends,Quality testing members. When ever if I get any information to share or need clarification, this site comes to my mind."
Vishnu | Sr. QA.Engineer | Clear Practice | Hyderabad | India

"Very useful blog where we can share our ideas/thoughts and get new ideas from other peoples. We need to keep this blog as meaningful. I appreciate the team who has developed such a wonderful site for QA professionals. Keep up with good work."
Ravikiran | Sr QA Manager | ProcessMAP | Hyderabad | India

"I just want to say i joined QT a long back. QT is very good site and the people who all are there always ready to help and share their knowledge anytime. Its a good experience after joining this site...........enjoy Testing!!!"
KapilDev Kapoor | QA Engineer | Volga Infotech Pvt Ltd | Mumbai | India

"This is very useful site. I gained valuable experience from this site . Lots of discussion article is useful very much."
Vitthal Gore | Test Engineer | Affinity Express | Pune | India

"“This website is indeed very useful for everyone Guys' working in Testing filed”. I love the way people share their thoughts and ideas @ QT. "
Siva Taluru | Sr. QA Engineer | BCGI | Boston | USA

"A single portal for all queries related to testing. I personally like the discussion forum hosted by this portal, as we get to Learn lot of New Queries and Discussion Help to know every QA Perspective in attaining and gaining knowledge and.. Its obliviously a pressure in learning and discussing new things as no one is perfect but here by discussion one and all can learn lot of new tasks and even share there experience...wonderful one. Keep Rocking with New Innovative Queries in Quality... "
Jayachandra Reddy | QA Engineer | InfoSTEP | Hyderabad | India

"QT - is really a very helpful concept where all testing professional can get together and discuss different topics/issues that they face in daily routine while performing testing on different Web Applications. I have gained a lot from the blog & discussion section available on QT."
Yatish Nagpal | Sr. Quality Control Engineer | Safaltek Software Pvt.Ltd. | Chandigarh | Punjab | India

"Really, QT is very very ACTIVE to share knowledge. I have learn about Software Testing ONLY from here!!!"
Ajay Sanodaria | Business And Quality Analyst | Elan Technologies | Ahmedabad | Gujarat | India

"QT is really very nice concept to gather all the people who are working in Software Quality Management. QT provides one stop solution for all of them. Fresher can take more advantage of QT as their queries are directly answered by professionals and experts."
Vishal Kamble | Business And Quality Analyst | Aloha Technology Pvt. Ltd. | Pune | Maharashtra | India

"Forum appropriate for the fraternity. Essential and required interaction with co-professionals. A sense of togetherness when it comes to entire testing community. Quality Testing has it all. Finest interaction!!!"
Abhijeet Bhagat | Assistant Manager - Quality Control & Automation | Synechron Technologies Pvt.Ltd. | Pune | Maharashtra | India

"I really feel QT is a guide for both Freshers and Experienced.Every one no matter there experience and time keep in touch of various queries raised by people and answer them with their real time experience which is very much needed.I wish lots of people join us on QT and share their knowledge."
Swarupa Rani | Software Engineer | Wipro | Hyderabad | India

"I have a great pleasure to share my exp. in Quality Testing. I must say that have learned a lot of new things from this forum. Hope I can learn even more from all my valuable friends in this forum."
Sandip Wagh | QA Executive | CyberEdge Solutions | Nasik | India

"Blogs are great and discussions are extremely prolific...Its' been my first choice to get answers of my confusions and questions. I do suggest whenever some one is seeking for knowledge about Testing and related stuff.....Thanks to all the participants and the originators..."
Zahid Bajwa | Senior SQA and Automation Engineer | Cambridge Documents | Lahore | Pakistan

"I learn many things from QT, still learning new things. QT will be helpful for all category (freshers and experienced) professionals. All the best QT Team."
Mary Latha | Software Test Engineer | TCS | Bangalore | Karnataka | India

"Many occasions I could implement the suggestions/tips on this site into my test organisation, which helped me bring out key issues in the product. So, QT is doing a great job of helping many across the globe. Thanks QT."
Anil Kumar G| Section Manager, Quality Engineering | Advance Micro Devices | Hyderabad | India

"It's a pleasure to be a part of s/w testing related community/site. I have been associated to QT from around 2 years. This is a platform where people can share their views at the same time can ask to others about their views on any testing topic. Wish QT BIG Success! And would be happy to see it achieving greater heights!"
Shirish Deshpande | Test Automation Analyst | India

"QT has become my reference for most of my inquiries,in one place i can found a lot of knowledge.but i noticed during reading the discussions that there are still confusion regarding the concepts of the quality in general, a lot of opposites opinions for the same discussion."
Mohammad Nihad Mustafa | Sr.Quality Control Engineer | Mawhiba | Riyadh | Saudi Arabia

"To be Honest I am not an active participant, but I do go through the mails I receive. Really they are fabulous. Keep up the good work QT team."
Srinivas | Sr. QA Engineer | Polycom | Hyderabad | India

"I learned a lot of new things from this forum."
Chinjju Elizabeth Koshy | Test Engineer | STQAC | Chennai | India

"Mind should be puzzled with queries to keep it brighter always. Even we asleep, mind thinks and comes up with solution or atleast eager to know the answer. The site is a wonderful platform where every one can put spoon in others brain to start eating."
Galla Naga Mallikarjun Rao | Program Manager | Graben Technologies Ltd. | Hyderabad | India

"A single portal for all queries related to testing. I personally like the discussion forum hosted by this portal, as we get to know issues/queries encountered & the solution provided to the same by group members. Also 'poll of the day' is a good concept."
Manjuanth | Sr.QA Analyst | Manhattan Associates | Bangalore | India

"I am very new to these forum kind of stuffs since i haven't done it before, and this forum really helped me to express my understanding in a better way to people, and i am planning to start blog in software testing will soon able to share it the forum members."
Ragavendhran | Test Engineer | Maveric system | Chennai | India

"1. It has provided me an opportunity to share my experiences spread over 20 years
2. It has provided opportunities to share my answers to possible questions in interviews.
M V Ananthakrishnan | Consultant | Anjana:the educating people | Mumbai | India

"This website is indeed very useful for everyone which is working in Testing filed. You will find every thing under one umbrella. Thanks a lot to QT Team."
Anupama Kumbhar | QA Engineer | AVAYA | Pune | India

"Good providing blogs and testing information"
Sikandar Ahmed | Sr. Software Quality Engineer | Confiz Solutions | Lahore | Pakistan

"I have a great pleasure to share my exp. in Quality Testing. I must say that have learned a lot of new things from this forum. Hope I can learn even more from all my valuable friends in this forum."
Roopesh Aredath | Software Test Engineer | ACS | Bangalore | INDIA

"A one-stop solution for testing related queries. You can get an answer to most of your Software Testing related doubts. It has always been a great help for me..."
Gargi Mohanty | QA Engineer | Clarion Technologies | Bangalore | INDIA

"This blog is an encyclopedia of Software Testing :)"
Avish | Test Analyst | UOA| Tāmaki Makaurau | New Zealand

"I had a great time in learning new things over here which helped me in my profession as Software Tester. Thanks to QT Team."
Sireesha Paramesh | STE | QSS | Hyderabad

"I love the way people share their thoughts and ideas @ QT. There are many a groups for specific users. Keep up the tempo."
Abu Bakr Siddiq | ATL | ICS | Hyderabad

"Using this site I made lot of people to attend the interview which gives me immense pleasure in saying it."
Jwalith Banuri | Sr. QA Engineer | Eiqnetworks | Hyderabad

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