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QualityTesting.info Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Quality Testing?
Quality Testing is a leading social network and resource center for Software Testing Community. Here you can share and meet Quality / Testing Professionals.

Why was Quality Testing created?
Quality Testing was created to provide a central gathering place for Software Testing / QA Professional all over the world. QT provides a simple platform for sharing work and ideas about Software Testing. Quality Testing set out to remedy that.

Are all services free?
It is free to join our community, we plan to offer value-added, premium service in the future that will require a monthly subscription to members.

Which browser is compatible for Quality Testing site?
You can use IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Netscape,….

Can we use Quality Testing in iPhones?
Quality Testing comes with an iPhone interface, which is great when you want to access QT (Quality Testing) when not at your computer.
To access the iPhone interface, you simply need to add /m to the URL of our Quality Testing. For example, to access Quality Testing on an iPhone, you would head to http://www.qualitytesting.info/m. For more information, you can refer this blog.

Can I post current job opening?
Yes, You can post job opening in Forums (Category: Job Openings) and Group (Job Openings)

How do I invite large numbers of people to QualityTesting.info?
There are two methods to invite large numbers of people to Quality Testing:
a) Enter Email Address
b) Import Web Address Book

What to do if I forgot my password?
If you forget your password, simply use the “forgot your password” link on the sign in page.

Are you getting too many emails from QT?
To control which emails you receive on Quality Testing, go to: Email Settings

What does Quality Testing offer?
   - Forums
   - Blogs
   - Groups
   - Poll of the Day
   - Chat
   - Jobs
   - Testing Tools
   - Certifications
   - Events
   - News Share
   - Videos
   - Photos
   - Twitter Tracker
   - Featured Interviews
   - QT Store
   - Applications
   - RSS Feeds

How members use the features on Quality Testing?
  - Purely social, to meet new people
  - To read the forum and blogs in order to stay up to date with what people are into and what is going on in the profession
  - People can ask and answer questions through the forum
  - Members can create a customizable portfolio, personal information and interesting facts
  - Members can invite new members, meet new people, and make new friends on Quality Testing
  - Full message center with address book importing from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail
  - See which members of your network are online now.
  - Photo slideshows and video players that can be embedded anywhere on the Internet

Explain about Tab Interface of Quality Testing?
In Tab Interface we can able to see 10 Tabs. One more Tab will be added automatically once we login into QT. i.e. “INVITE”.

Details about Tabs and Sub-Tabs:
Home – This is the default page of QT. If we login / logout, you will land on this page.

My Page – This is the member’s profile page.

Invite– This Tab will be enable automatically once we login into QT site. Here you can invite your Friends / Colleagues using address book importers (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and MSN) and Outlook also.

Community – Members can able to see Forums page, when we click on Community Tab. There are 6 Sub-Tabs are available under this Community Tab. The details below:
a) Forums
  - Start and tag a discussion.
  - Add discussion posts and reply to those posts.
  - Organized discussions by categories.
  - Click through the personal profile pages of other members engaged in the discussion.
  - View all discussions across Quality Testing.
b) Blogs
  - Add new blogs and comment on existing blogs.
  - Click through the personal profile pages of other members engaged in the discussion.
  - View all blogs across Quality Testing.
c) Groups
  - Members are able to create groups.
  - Members are able to make groups public or private.
  - Add group descriptions, images, discussions, and members.
d) Poll of the Day
  - Here you can answer daily Polls. For this Poll of the Day, we are using third party application.
e) Members
  - You can find your friends / colleagues on QT.
f) Chat
  - Chat is fun and instantaneous
  - You can communicate with Friends, Experts, Colleagues etc
  - It is a great for formal and informal meetings
  - You can share ideas quickly regardless of distance
  - Members can enjoy the anonymity of chat
  - You can chat with all the members, those who are in Chat Room and Chat individually also

Jobs - You can find current job opening on this page.

Testing Tools – In Automation testing, tools are essential for every testing activity. It will be very difficult for any test engineer to perform all the testing activities without proper tool. There are many testing tools are available for Test Management, Test execution and Reporting.
a) TestersDesk: It is a FREE Online Toolkit for generating Test Data and to perform Test Design. Software Testers can use the online tools to generate test inputs using Common Test Data Generators, reduce test combinations using Pairwise TestCase Generator, prepare decision tables using N-way Combination Generator, and more.
b) TestRail: TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management software to efficiently manage, track and organize your software testing efforts. TestRail helps you manage and track your software testing efforts and organize your QA department. Its intuitive web-based user interface makes it fun to create test cases, manage test suites and more.

  - Members know how many testing certification are there in the world
  - Members are able to take sample tests for ISTQB certification
a) ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)
b) QAI (Quality Assurance Institute)
c) IIST (International Institute of Software Testing)

  - Members are able to post events.
  - Members are able to make events public or private.
  - Add event descriptions, details, and image.
  - Sent out an invitation and control RSVP settings.

News Share
  - You find latest Software Testing News.
  - You can submit and comment on existing news.

QT Gallery - Members can able to see Videos page, when we click on QT Gallery Tab.
a) Videos
  - Upload videos from a computer, mobile phone, or any video service on the web.
  - Add video comments, ratings, tags, locations, favorites, and share via email.
  - Create, view and “embed” Flash video players.
  - View all videos on Quality Testing.
b) Photos
  - Upload photos from a computer, mobile phone, or Flickr account.
  - Add photo comments, ratings, tags, locations, favorites, and share via email.
  - Create, organize, and view albums.
  - View all photos across the QT network.
c) Twitter Tracker
  - It is a third party application.
  - You can able to see latest results for Software Testing across Twitter.
d) Featured Interviews - Here you can find interviews with experts.
e) QT Store - This is the best place to buy software testing books.

How to install Quality Testing Toolbar?
You can download QT Toolbar from: http://QualityTesting.OurToolbar.com

What are the features available in Quality Testing Toolbar?
You can able to access below mentioned features directly from the toolbar.
  - Search
  - Forums
  - Blogs
  - Testing Jobs
  - Certifications
  - Poll of the Day

*If you have any other queries, please contact us. We will try to answer it ASAP. It's our pleasure to answer them .

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