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Several certification programs exist to support the Professional aspirations of Software Testers and Quality Assurance Specialists. No certification currently offered actually requires the applicant to demonstrate the ability to test software. No certification is based on a widely accepted body of knowledge. This has led some to declare that the testing field is not ready for certification. Certification itself cannot measure an individual's productivity, their skill, or practical knowledge, and cannot guarantee their competence, or professionalism as a tester.

Doing a testing related certification might add some value to your profile. Certification could be important because of various reasons.

There are various certification programs available for the software testing professional. Purpose of this page is to provide you a quick information and links about the certifications available to you.

Certification options available for Testing Professional can be divided in Four categories:

1. Certification from International Software Testing Quality Board (ISTQB)
ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), responsible for conducting the ISTQB certification exam, was officially founded in Edinburgh in November 2002 and is represented by various national testing boards in different member countries. Presently (as of January 2009), 41 national testing boards are members of ISTQB and responsible for conducting the certification exam in their respective countries.

2. Certifications from Quality Assurance Institute (QAI)
The QAI Global Institute, formerly known as Quality Assurance Institute, was founded in 1980 in the United States of America. QAI's founding objective was and remains to provide leadership in improving quality, productivity, and effective solutions for process management in the information services profession.
The objective of QAI certifications are:
   a. To recognize individuals for a level of proficiency in the IT Quality Assurance, Project Management and Software Testing industries.
   b. To recognize the competencies needed to drive process maturity.

3. Certifications from International Institute for Software Testing (IIST)
To achieve this goal, in 1999, IIST took the lead in education-based certifications by forming an Advisory Board of industry experts and practitioners to provide direction to the effort of developing education-based certifications. IIST offers two certification programs that are based on well-defined Bodies of Knowledge approved by IIST's Advisory Board.
The two certifications now offered by the International Institute for Software Testing are:
  a. Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP)
  b. Certified Test Manager (CTM)

4. Certifications from HP
Mercury Company is considered one of the global leaders in business technology optimization software. Started about 13 years ago, they market integrated enterprise testing, production tuning and application management solutions and services. Mercury has divided its certification program in two categories:
The first Mercury certifications are the Interactive Certified Product Consultant (CPC) for people who wish to demonstrate consultant level skill with one or more Mercury Interactive software products. Available for:
   a. TestDirector
   b. WinRunner
   c. LoadRunner
   d. QuickTest Pro
   e. Topaz
The other Mercury certifications is the Interactive Certified Instructor (CI) for people who wish to train others on Mercury Interactive products and have access to official course materials

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