Anand Singh replied to testbytes software's discussion Can you say how iPhone app testing services fare in next few years?
"Hello, As per automation testing company, iPhones are the second most used mobile platform worldwide with a huge market share. Currently, there are over 2.2 million apps available on iOS App Store,…"
Anand Singh replied to Quality Testing's discussion How to verify radio button selected or not in Selenium WebDriver ?
"Selenium webdriver is a very popular tool among software testing companies to automate web applications. To work on the radio buttons first we have to locate and then we can perform…"
Anand Singh replied to chintu's discussion Need some software testing books...
"As per practices of best qa testing company, there are some of the interesting Software testing blogs which will be really helpful to start with Software Testing learnings, QA strategies and…"
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Apr 10
Priti Gaikwad replied to Ganesh Gupta Jayam's discussion Validation Testing
"Hello, Validation testing is the type of software testing to ensure the developed software or application satisfies the client /user needs or not. There are various deep requirement logic or…"
Apr 9
Priti Gaikwad replied to TestOrigen Software Testing Serv's discussion What are the Benefits and Limitations of Pair Testing?
"Hello, Good Question In this process of Pair Testing, Two software testers make a group of persons to test the application by using one machine. One person controls the mouse and…"
Apr 8
Anand Singh replied to TestOrigen Software Testing Serv's discussion What are the Benefits and Limitations of Pair Testing?
"As per best practice from software testing solutions, What is Pair Testing: In Pair testing, Two members sit behind the machine to verify the software. One member controls the keyboard and mouse.…"
Mar 30
Anand Singh replied to Basava Kumar M's discussion Test Strategy for Files migration
"Migration Testing is a process of migration of old system data into a new system successfully with minimum downtime. It involves maintaining data integrity without any loss of data. After Migration…"
Mar 30
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Mar 30
Anand Singh replied to Alex's discussion How we can pass query parameter while automation REST GET API using Python.
"Hi As per software testing solutions below is the python code to automate REST GET API with query paramerter: import requestsfrom requests_toolbelt.utils import dump def…"
Mar 26