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According to the recent independent analysis by Acutenix, an industry leader in web application security, 75% of all cyber-attacks are done at web application level. 

I've shared few common terms that you will be frequently going to use in web application testing for security. Do share your views and feedback in case I missed any point.

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Hey buddy,

We all know that World Wide Web applications for various services have gained customers' assurance over the years. Terabytes of data are packed and shared across websites as people imagine the transactions are securely checked.

To develop a plan and strategy should always be considered as the first step of security testing procedure. Testers must understand the business reason, the number of users accessing the application, and the application's workflow to be capable to identify the specific tests for each and every scenario.

Before the execution of any project, it is always best to have a meeting with the developers to understand the flow and process of the web apps. This helps in identifying the vulnerabilities, such as documentation bypass, that automated tools cannot identify.

Before testing the project you must have an idea of the number of users going to use at a time as this will help in understanding the possible number of cyber-attacks.

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