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Selenium - About

Something about Selenium:

Selenium is a open source functional Automation tool that can be used in place of QTP. 

Selenium supports multiple scripting and development languages like PHP, Ruby,Shell, perl, python, Java, Jscript......Hence if you understand selenium the scope for improvement is almost limitless. But make sure you can master all these above languages in a short time.......

Selenium as a tool is a combination of many other components and is not like QTP. If we take for example Java language in combination with selenium then in that case we need the following things:

First install Java for your machine it can be Java for Windows/Linux/Unix. Choose the correct package based on your machine Operating system.
Understanding of Java syntax and concepts (No need to learn in depth just basic java is fine)
Understanding of Selenium RC server (This is a server that creates a JVM so that the test scripts that you develop in Java code can be executed on the Application)
Understanding of Java Classes and Methods Syntax and how to initialize the objects and call the methods in the main driver script.
Understanding of Junit Library
Understanding of Selenese Library (built by thought works)
Understanding of Java Library
Understanding of User Interfaces Like NetBeans, Eclipse and Intellij
Understanding of JXL for interacting with Excel since Selenium does not recognize the "Excel.application" class.
Understanding of Xpath expressions used for Object Identification in Selenium
Understanding of html
Understanding of FireBug and why it is used
Understanding of Selenium IDE

The configuration part of Netbeans has been discussed earlier. I have tagged all the photos so that you can see the explanation for each step and also some of the phtos have comments where i have tried to explain the steps......shown in the photos...

I shall put the steps to build the Framework in Selenium next.......in the mean time you can check these and get used to the interface and other aspects of Selenium.......

There are other already built Frameworks that use Java as the building language. Example: Watir, Watij and Nunit, Maven etc.....

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