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Selenium with JAVA

Something about Java with Selenium: How is java related to Automation testing using Selenium: Every Java file can have only one public class file. Hence when writing java test scripts using seleniu… View »

Selenium - more about CSS

Something more about CSS and how it is related to Web application: Little more clarity about CSS: CSS allows the developer to define 2 more selectors apart from the  html tags called ID and Cl… View »

Selenium - CSS

What is CSS? CSS is a file that can contain the formatting information about a  web page. HTML is purely representing the content of the web page whereas a CSS file separately includes the forma… View »

Selenium - DOM

Something about Document Object Model (HTML DOM): Document Object Model is important from Selenium Automation point of view. Below is a list of DOM objects which could represent the GUI elements of… View »

Selenium - Firepath and Firefinder

Use of Firefinder in Selenium IDE or WebDriver: Firefinder is an addon for Mozilla Firefox Browser and can be very useful when preparing automation scripts using Selenium IDE or Webdriver. Firepath h… View »

Selenium IDE

Somethings about Selenium IDE: Selenium IDE works only on Firefox.  It is developed in Javascript.  It is possible to build userdefined functions using Javascript and then using them as… View »

Selenium - more about it

Something more about Selenium: Selenium IDE does not go well with multiple browsers and Operating Systems For selenium you have to learn any of the following programming Languages: Java, C#, Python… View »

Selenium - JUnit

About Junit:  Junit is different and Ant is different. Junit is used for different purpose and Ant is used for compiling and executing the test scripts from command prompt. What is Junit? Junit… View »

Selenium - OOPs - Constructors

Something about constructors in Java: Note: It is possible to use the same variable names for  the constructor which is same as that of the Global  variables. In that case you can still g… View »

Selenium - OOPs Concepts

Object Oriented Concepts of Java for Selenium: There are 2 types of functions in Selenium. 1) Static functions 2) Non Static functions Static functions: These functions are those that contain a stat… View »


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