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 Can any one say me that after getting build application from the developer from where  we can start our testing. That means if there r 3 cycle of testing then in 1st cycle  we do smoke testing and regression,In 2nd cycle we do retesting and regression....

I am confused about this please correct  it. 





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1st cycle we do Sanity testing(Smoke Testing is Devs work)

2nd Cycle Real testing---Functional Test cases Executing on released build

3rd Cycle---ReTesting & Regression Testing----After Fixing Bugs and Continue Real testing

4th Cycle---Final Regression testing for Test Completion .

smoke testing is our work only

So many definitions for smoke........before releasing build devs do smoke testing to confirm we are releasing correct build or not(Is it Testable build?), after dat we do Sanity testing is this build is testable? Both are same but done by different ppl. 

Sameer, dev team will deploy the build and give the build to testing team..... but we only we carry intial stage smoke and once after smoke is passed only we will move further

k got it.....whn will be sanity done


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