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Does anyone have questionnaire to learn if certain process area required at CMMI level 2 is met by an organization or not


Does anyone has answers to the list of subpractices that the process area requires to meet them, e.g

For process area - Configuration Management, the sub practices are as following

1. Select the configuration items and the work products that compose them based on documented criteria.
Answer: Prepare Configuration Item Sheet that provides detail of each item that will be part of configuration management system.

2. Assign unique identifiers to configuration items.
Answer: Use same Configuration Item Sheet, and for each configuration Item, assign unique ID

3. Specify the important characteristics of each configuration item.
Answer: Provide the owner name, the versioning details, the baselining details,
the date when it will be part of configuration system, etc. It can be
provided in CI Sheet

and so on.

Does anyone have the similar kind of questions and their answers for all the KPAs at CMMI level2.


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There are a lot of documents comes under CMMI 2 and Cmmi 3 level .....please do goggling for different templates
If you need more knowledge about templates and other CMMI processes just give me ur mail id I will catch u there else drop test mail on sarang.v.dalal@gmail.com
Hi Sarang

I want that templates and other CMMI processes

It would be greate , if u provide me that . My email id amitfw1@gmail.com

Amit Patne

hai sarang,

can u please send me the templets for cmmi and other qulity process



Kindly share with me level 3 documents.my email is daim90ca@gmail.com


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