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Using External DLL in SilkTest:
Though SilkTest provides many interesting functions and features, still there are occasions when user need some capability which is not built into the SilkTest. To handle situation like this, SilkTest provide functionality of referencing WIN 32 DLL from inside SilkTest to extend its capabilities. Using this feature, many interesting functions can be performed for example handling network related activities using wininet.dll which is bundled with Internet Explore 4.0 and above and handles all the network related operations etc.. Steps to extend 4Test to use any DLLs can be summarized as follows -
• Obtain a DLL that exposes its function in a C-Style interface. In the absence of such DLL, it can be created very easily.

• Determine the suitable function in the DLL and its input and output parameter.

• Declare this DLL in a include file using the dll keyword.

• Call the functions created in above include file in your script.

After following these four steps, it should be very easy to extend functionality provided by SilkTest using DLLs.

Enabling Java Environment in SilkTest:
This is one of the first thing that you need to do if you are testing any java application using SilkTest. Java support for SilkTest is implemented by using additional classes with your application. These additional classes allows SilkTest to query application during recording and identifying objects during play back. These support classes can be found in the JavaExdirectory under your normal Silk installation. You should use appropriate JAR files according to the Java version you are using. If you are using SilkTest 6.0 onwards, you should be able to configure this environment using the basic workflow. You need to make sure that when you configure environment, your application under test is not minimized.

SilkTest Add-ons:
Apart from out of the box SilkTest features, additional features can be bought for SilkTest for your needs. Following additional features can be used for SilkTest

• Extension Kit

As stated earlier, test execution is the functionality of SilkTest agent. Some time if your application is using custom GUI object which can not be identified by SilkTest agent you can extend SilkTest agent using this extension kit. Using this extension, SilkTest agent can be extended to talk to your custom GUI objects.

• .NET add-on
For testing .NET applications.

• Blue Express Add on
For testing IBM AS/400 and mainframe applications.

• AOL Add on
To test AOL browser.

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• A wizard-driven toolbar workflow enables novice users to develop useful tests quickly
• Robust, resilient tests are supported by a flexible, object-oriented, fourth-generation scripting language called 4Test is designed expressly for automated testing
• Silk Test also offers functionality of test case management, test planning, data base function, date time functions etc. to make your automation more effective.
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