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How to resolve this below error getting me during run my script to for multiple browsers?

Hello folks,

I am getting this error when i execute my script for run test on multple browser parallel?

"FAILED CONFIGURATION: @BeforeTest openBroswer 
org.testng.TestNGException:Parameter 'browser' is required by @Configuration on method openBroswer but has not been marked @Optional or defined in C:\Users\Narendral.WHITEHEDGE_DOM\AppData\Local\Temp\testng-eclipse--674094386\testng-customsuite.xml"

Please help


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It is very clear in the exception like it's a TestNG exception where u need to pass the browser argument as a parameter to the script using @optional or u need to pass in testng.xml file atleast, so that it will get resolved. If u can post the code we can tell clearly what and where is the problem. U can send me ur query at arjunbm13@gmail.com will resolve the same. Hope this helps :)


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