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I need to learn different techniques that are being used in organizations for estimations


Please share the estimation procedure with some sample project estimation template

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Hi john ,

like in my company firstly we have to gone through the RA phase then based on that we got to know the how many test cases will be cover all the scenarios based on the complexity level like High,Medium ,low and side by side count of this,

so based on the total scenarios we have a count ,Now come to the Regression part which also includes with discussion to the BA and scope to be decide to include.. : you can say the "New changes " include the preparation +  Execution Estimate

and Regression part only Execution.Also when we preparing test cases ..its also comes to creation of type of test case that is high ,medium,low.. and side by side covers also the Retesting time,Effort variance in this,support activity, Defect review call.

Let me know if you any further information.

You've told the basis for estimation, but I am still looking for detailed process + sample template

e.g. to come up with scenarios on the basis of RA, you need WBS. It will let you know detailed use cases and you can add task attributes such as complexity, size, etc .. and so on


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