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I have been given a task to monitor the performance of GeoServer.
I have to use openSTA for the purpose.

I have downloaded openSTA v1.4.4 and installed it on my system.
The OS is windows 7.
I have no clue how to move further.

Can someone please guide me - how to configure openSTA for testing purposes.
I need the following information:
1. How is openSTA related to IIS and IE?
2. How is openSTA used once u complete installing the .msi file?
3. What are the configurations in Web Relay and what is the significance of web relay?
4. How do i use openSTA to run tests on a site - say www.google.com?

If u can provide me with the demo site and data then it will be very useful.
The demosite link given on the openSTA portal does not work anymore.

Please help!!

Bharat Singhvi
IIT Bombay

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