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Hello All,

I have recently started testing on Iphone and mobile applications.  I have executed all the test cases on the emulator.  What are things which we need to take into consideration (where there is high scope of finding bugs) while testing on the Iphone and Mobile hand set.





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If you are testing an App then there are many functional and non functional tests to be performed.

- Functionality of the App as per specification

- If it's m-commerce : PCIDSS and card security

- Test the App on different devices : iPhone3/4, iPad, iPOD Touch etc.

-  Performance in areas of poor signal

- If the App depends on a website to work, test the impact if the website is down

- Memory usage

- Test with different mobile networks

- Error handling within the App and recovery



Specially for performance in areas of poor signal, test with different mobile networks and memory usage, it is usually quite difficult to get the required testing environment.

Which are the tools that may be used for these tests?


This is specialist testing and isn't something anyone can easily do without the right tools/equipment. Not sure exactly what is required as for me, this area of testing has been performed by the App development agency I work with as it's their remit to test at this level, then pass to the user for other areas of testing.

Thank you very much Mark and Patrick.





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