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Mobile Device Testing is the process to assure the quality of mobile devices, like mobile phone, PDA etc. The testing will be conducted on both hardware and software. And from the view of different procedures, the testing comprises R&D Testing, Factory Testing and Certificate Testing.

R&D Testing
R&D test is the main test phase for mobile device, and it happens during the developing phase of the mobile devices. It contains hardware testing, software testing, and mechanical testing.

Factory Testing
Factory Testing is a kind of sanity check on mobile devices. It's conducted automatically to verify that there are no defects brought by the manufacturing or assembling.

Certificate Testing
Certificate Testing is the check before a mobile device goes to market. Many institutes or governments require mobile devices to conform it's specifications and protocols to make sure the mobile device will not harm users' health and have the compatibility with devices from other manufactures. Once the mobile device passes the checking, a certificate will be issued to it.

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Mobile application developers are showing their concern over the security of applications. As new intimidations are making the developing process difficult, they are adopting updated strategies to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Usually, mobile app development is based on the 2 platforms - iOS and Android. The developers performing job duties for various operating systems are well aware of threats and risks.

As long as developers maintain the guidelines, applications remain secure from any security vulnerabilities.

After an applications store user data, sensitive business data, and many other important documents, a high security is a mandatory thing for an app developer.

There is an App store guideline for iOS app developers, and they should follow the protocols in order to design applications that hit the greatest download rate.


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