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Hi ,

 We are planning to automate Application testing on the Synmbian S60,S40 Devices( Nokia N Series devices). Basically application testing , like Taking image from the Phone, Launching the Contacts,
Dialling the Numbers are the test cases.

  As we have limited no of test cases to be run on many devices, we are planning to automate the same. Do you know of any automation tool that can be handy in this kind of situationd ?

    Hows the automation tool Test Quest Count Down. Does any one have documentation on the same ? What are the kind of frame works implementations that can be done ?


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Hey, You can start with http://www.gorillalogic.com/ for iPhone. Its first step towards in iPhone automation (foneMonkey).
we work only with the symbian S60 Devices... :)

There is an availability of add ons of QTP, That will help out!


Hello buddy,

Test automation services are done by software quality analysts (QA) who accurately check it through the application screens and try out different usage and input combinations. They compare the results to the expected performance and record their measurements.

There is now constant pressure on technologies to adopt and align themselves with the growing requirements of the business environment. Modern-day engineering requires greater scalability, cross-platform abilities, and faster performances.

Therefore the requirement for a software architecture that is flexible and that helps in building systems that are more resilient, more scalable, flexible and can facilitate faster development.

Unlike monolithic services architectures, Microservices architecture helps companies build decoupled and independent processes and services that are easier to use and manage.

The purpose is not to have inter-modular dependencies. Therefore faster releases are facilitated by distributing the application into smaller components that can be composed quickly, and independently.


Automated Software Testing Services


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