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Can anyone get me some idea about how to prepare a test plan for exploratory testing especially for a online chat application

Hi Frndz,

Can anyone get me some idea about how to prepare a test plan for exploratory testing especially for online chat application.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I could.

Glad to hear there are people interested in Exploratory Testing here.

Are you familiar with Mindmaps? Also, i assume you are familiar with the generalities around exploratory testing.

I would suggest checking a couple of sites to start with, search Michael Bolton's testing blog and James Bach's testing blog, they are the ones that started Exploratory testing. There is also a great book in works currently, about exploratory testing, i can give you more details if you want. 

Also it depends how your organization works. Do they work with heavy stuffy test plans and strategies or they are fine with mindmap formats? Do you employ session based testing as well? 

Many questions before an answer can be given :)

Test Plan:

While creating test plans for mobile create simple plan which covers the

1. Testing Scope: What will be my scope of testing

Does my scope only requires for displaying the online chat?

Does this have any alerts, notification when any comments being recieved

Does this have internal integration on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc

Does my app shares Photos or any files?

Does my conversations should store on phone?

Session expiry timings

2. Environment: On which environment this app needs to be tested?

Does this app applicable for iOS, Android, Black berry, Symbian QT, Java and Palm devices

Limitation of OS (Ex: does this app should run on iOS 4.X, 5.X and 6.X Versions)

3. Work Break Down Structure/ Estimation:

What are the main module of my app.. How many Functional and UI based cases will be covered

@Note: You must estimate the time for Exploratory and Adhoc as the most of the issues you find on exploratory basis

Rest of the things you can put.. if they require.
Message me if you have any clarifications on mobiles :)




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