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How to write a Powerful CV?


'Why my CV(Curriculum Vitae) is not getting short listed?' and 'Why Job Description (JD) never matches to CV 100%?' are the most common questions asked to most of the Recruiters. When you like a job opening, you never get short listed. Even if you get short listed, you are not 100% happy about what is offered to you!

If you walked over any of the above questions and cases, this linkedin post can offer you some light on the hidden reasons of profile short-listing tactics and CV claying process!

Few observations:

-most of the Job Descriptions turn to be the copy-paste from generic job profiles. Same JD has been used over the period of time without a word change! (mostly)

-If the JD is unique and more descriptive,it hardly matches to any profile to get short-listed

To understand this gap, we should know the traceability between JD and CV

How the CV is made usually?

Every job searching candidate's pattern is to make a good CV and upload in portal or apply for the positions available. Irrespective of the open positions, CV remains same!

Moreover not all of us know the difference between CV,Resume and Bio-Data!


Probability of CV matching to particular JD is very less!


CVs has to be customized and updated as per the particular job opening and applied exclusively for the particular role which is described in JD.

Especially every line in JD has to match with the skill set and work experience of the candidate applied to the job opening

Psychology of CV short listing experts:

1. Compare the CV against JD

2. If CV matches to JD, then pick a best CV out of available CVs.

Here comes the complexity of bringing your CV as an outstanding one among the CVs across the industry!


Digital representations of profile get more visibility due to following psychological reasons:

1. Visual Display of Profile attracts more than the words in a page

2. Bullet points are always up to the message and better than the paragraphs

How to make a digital resume in .doc format?

Following are some of the easy steps to bring up a digital profile in short span of time:

1. Use Publisher File Template to write an eye catching resume/CV

Link for Publisher Templates:http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/templates/results.aspx?qu=resume&...

2. Once the Resume/CV designed, covert and save it as .doc or .pdf file as per the need of recruiter

Useful points:

1. If the CV is processed by an external consultant to particular organization, make sure that the consultant/recruiter understood the CV's strengths and weaknesses as well as the JD itself.

2. It is always suggested to have a telephonic discussion with the recruiter on the profile match

Once the CV is made and it is powerful, what next?

Edit and update the CV as an ongoing activity :)

Your CV is your own sculpture-Make sure it represents the best of your strengths

-Narayanan Palani,

Author of 'Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed'



Hope this post is helpful! Share your comments please


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