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What type of testings will perform on gaming applications? Anybody working on gaming applications? please answer to this question.


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Functional testing
Load/Stress testing
Performance testing
Volume testing
Scalability testing
Documentation testing
Installation testing
GUI testing
Reliability testing
Configuration testing
Compatibility testing
Usability testing
Beta testing &
All of the above
Functionality testing, UI testing, Localization Testing, Compliance testing and many more....
@ I agree with Saju ans ... any body know Game domain knowledge ?
In game testing we check the functionality of the application,
How does it work post suspend and resume
User Interface, Sound behavior, Data Storage etc

Test the app like end user!
Be attached solely with Game!

Nimesh T.
In Game Testing the tester majorly focuses on the
1. Functionality of the Application.
2. Data Storage within the Applications
3. Whether application behavior effects Handset Functionality.
4. Application behavior during Suspend and Resume (Voice calls and SMS).
5. Application beavior during Network (N/W Appl).
6. Licensing behavior.
7. Sound Ctrl, Audio behavior, GUI, Clear key, Exit options, Flip/Slider behavior, Power Cycle, Data Entry etc.
Disable/Restore, Application Recall, Touch functionality.

The above mentioned functionalities are tested as per the SRS given by the Developer.
Whether these funtionalities effect the handset behavior.

Hi kiran


Game testing,play ability is major part of the game play.

If its j2me application then sound make so many problem you must check all possible scenario.

Application behave differently in different  Handset so check compatibility.







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