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Cucumber supports a host of languages for the step definitions.  What language are you using?

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Thanks for replying.  Do you mind sharing with the group what gems you are using and how?  Also, what problems do you currently face?

The first thing was to setup the test run on windows 7, ubuntu 12 and fedora 16. For ubuntu I used rvm for ruby and it worked seamlessly. I used ruby installer for setup ruby and used ansicon for colored output. I faced one problem with it and solved that with this thread for colored output http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9229599/issue-getting-ansicon-wo....  I faced the problem on fedora during installation of rvm, then i installed ruby manually. Now I have started with development on windows platform. I install the cucumber gem. capybara and rspec. Running my test using cucumber command on windows. I am working on this system, so I will share more details in future.


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