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Please use this Discussion to introduce yourself to the group and give a little background on how you use Cucumber.


I'll go first.  I am an Agile coach - been doing it for seven years.  For the past 2.5 years I have used Cucumber and ATDD as my approach to functional testing.  I have coached teams using this tool for web development (in Java, C#, and PHP), Informatica Transformations, a batch application, an iPhone application and most recently a telephone queueing and routing system.  I am in the process of writing a book on the tool that targets testers that a new to automation and scripting.


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Perfect.  Are you using the page-object gem?

We are using POM (page object model). Not sure both are same of different.

They are not exactly the same.  The page-object gem is a fairly advanced DSL that is written in ruby.  You are using Java for your step definitions and therefore cannot take advantage of what the gem has to offer.  The good news is that you are using Page Objects.  This is a great way to structure your test code when testing a browser based application.


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