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Can some one provide me more details about testing of cloud computing projects? I need the complete approach on testing for these projects? My current project is on Cloud computing. As a Lead, I have to come up with complete plan. If you share your testing experience on this would help me to work on current project efficiently. Please send me the document to my personal id ramesh.qa.g@gmail.com, if you are not able to lead them here.



RameshG Jadhav, BE, MBA

Milwaukee, WI

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That is nice of you to engage in cloud computing! There are many cloud service provider and you can learn from them.


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Hello buddy,

Cloud computing has actually been invented to be the latest computing standard that will work several distinctive research areas, such as software testing. Testing cloud applications will keep its unique characteristics that involve more recent testing techniques.

Software testing helps to reduce the need for hardware and software services and also provide adaptable and valuable cloud platform. Testing within the cloud platform is easily manageable based on new test models and criteria.

Prioritization approach is made responsive to build a much better relationship between test cases. These test cases are clustered dependent on a priority level. The resources can be used properly by applying a load balancing algorithm. Cloud guarantees maximum usage of existing resources. But, security defined as a primary problem in a cloud.




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