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I assume that the client will give the severity of the defect and the priority by the test engineer. Is that correct ?



I assume that the client will give the severity of the defect and the priority by the test engineer. is that correct

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Hi prithvi,

Severity is nothing but seriousness of the defect in-terms of functionality of the application. As a tester its our responsibility to define the effect of the defect on the application . so depending on the damage ,the  bug causing to the application we assign the status of the bug as

1)urgent severity      2)high severity    3)medium severity        4)low severity


 Priority is nothing but status of the severity or how soon the reported bug should be fixed ,It usually defined by Developer.



Gouri sankar


Hi sankar,


thankyou very much for the information provided and its very clear to understand

Hi prithvi & gouri,

i am agree with gouri..........

I think its standard or general process which is going in industry.......

but in some intrvws, i hav faced that...........

intrvwr asked me abt only priority.....okay......

n i told him like that which gouri defined and which is right also..but intrvwr did not accept it.......and told me priority is decided by the tester only..........then i totally confusd bt someone told me dat its dpend on company to company only.......so plz prithvi dnt get confusd like me.


 Hello Guys:---------

    As far as Priority is concerned , for tester it is optional not mandatory but still testers are responsible for assigning the priority on behalf of Severity or Business Importance .. thereafter Teat lead or Test Manager will review the Priority and they can make necessary changes.. but don't forget that ultimately Development team will do analysis over the priority and ultimately they will set the final priority because It depends on Priority that When should a defect get fixed........


Hope It will help you all....



Samrat Jha.


samrat is exactly right, we will give the severity as well as priority but it will change 



There are a couple of things of interest to me here. First this question poses the Clients view of severity. I assume this is stored in a customer service database somewhere. The customer is always right when it comes to the impact of their business in my opinion and the severity of the customer ticket should be just that. In the internal trouble ticketing system the problem should have been duplicated on the latest software stream available. An internal ticket opened and severity identified as the customer states. Reproducing the issue is key and the impact understood. 


Depending on what development environment (waterfall,incremental,agile,TDD) the key stakeholders should be aware of the issue and draw conclusion to the impact to business and revenue expectations. Depending on the outcome of this conclusion a method of communicating back to the customer should be presented. 


This should be a collaborative conclusion with the customer and the product being in unison. 


Just my $.02.

Hi Prithvi,


           I had faced  many interviews but i told priority is given by tester & severity is given by test manager. interviwer had told that its right.




i will also like to go with smart jha answer .

priority is selected by developer and severity by tester

In some companies Priority will be given by Test Engineers depends on client too.

priority means level of importance from the business prospective that is decided by client .and

Severity means level of importance from the functionality prospective that is decided by testing team.

ex-critical severity,high severity,low severity.

so many combination of severity and priority 



Suppose in web home page some spelling mistake that is HP LS.


Gaurav Kumar


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