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Any one got good bugs on mobile devices?


For example in my testing, I have seen

1) Games that do not start (at all) on a device (compatability issue)but the app was in the store

2) Apps that seem to crash the OS after some period of time (memory leak)

3) lot of apps released with security bugs (news reports this week)


This tells me mobile bugs are still in the wild wild west.


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Hi Jon,
These are few of them which comes to my mind instantly :

- The phone getting reset when one takes image.
- Map navigation being improper.
- Low memory on the device and trying to start a application that takes lot of memory to start.
- Having lot of contacts in the Phone book ( Volume)
- Having lot of songs in the Music library of the phone slows the performance of the mobile. ( Volume)
- The mobile is running low on charge and you receive a call/try to do listen to some music ( Interrupts).
- Setting up the alarm and time zone changes( when moves from one country to other) and alarm should adjust accordingly.

These are some of things that i can remember. But there are loads of them.

Vijay V.K

Hi ViJay, so are these things you have seen on your phone, tested for, or heard of?


If these are things that we found while using the phone or heard of in news report, the question that comes to mind is how (and maybe who) should we be testing for these, if at all?


The test scenarios that find these things are of interest, but in the fast paced mobile world, can we correct these bugs fast enough where letting them out in the field may be accepted by users, if they get fixed tomorrow?  It seems like several of these might be found by performance tests, but may be user should be "aware" of not doing things like using to much space/volume?

Hi John,

Do you like to have app that crashes or restarts the device or hangs for a while or drain battery or provides a loop hole. I personally believe Its better not to use that app or uninstall as soon as possible. Mobile market is quite huge, People now a days become quite social on device so if they find something wrong in app then it will spread out. 

@vijay-I have faced same issues while testing app on different devices (iPhone, android and blackberry)





I do think apps that crash, restart, drain batteries, etc. will likely face bad ratings and lack of users.  The worse the bug, the more likely as user is to uninstall.   I class these first issues as bad, and I'd like to hear more stories about these kinds of things.  Then you have bugs which are may be "not so bad".  Examples here are: bad spelling, slow loads, screen graphics which are missing, screen look and feel, etc.  Users may "live" with these.  Then you may have "really bad" apps.  Examples here might be: apps with worms (like recently on android apps), apps the open up personal data or can get hacked easily, etc. We are starting to see these.




i personally have experienced on Iphone one scenario...


When a third party application was installed on iphone, if the user is not using one module or one functionality for long tym, the application get crashed.

Came to know this is because of Memory leakage. (A variable has declared, and it has been not used for long tym. Then it is performance related issue too...)





I also faced these issues like.....

when i use or test my company's app for long tym like 1-2 hr then it'll be defintely get crashed.........

I think dat is it memory issue..........?


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