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Bug Type: High Priority and Low Severity

Share your thoughts and explain with examples


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Hi Vidya,


Hope, this example would explain about High Priority and Low Severity bugs:


Ex : Incorrect logo of a company in the login screen or in any application (usually the first screen after the application is launched or website is opened).


If the first page of any website or application contains such errors like misspelled company's name, incorrect version number, etc  then such issues are prime examples for High Priority but low Severity bugs.


Since these errors doesn't cause any harm to the application but these are of high priority because it gives wrong information to the end user about the company or application.




Hi Satish,


Your example is good ,but the example is known one ,can you give me clear detail with another example..



Hi Vidhya,

  Severity : The attribute which describes about the degress of impact on the user when the issue occurs.

  Low Severity - This is also called as cosmetics. Any screen button or UI related functionality is called as Low Severity.


  Priority : This defines the degress of urgency which the action should be taken immediately. Being the developer is going to fix the problem he has to set the priority level to the bugs.

  High Priority - The bugs which are all should be fix before the alpha release. Like alignment, spelling mistakes,etc..,


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