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 I am new to jmeter and i want to test web services so please let me know the step to test it.

 Please help me



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If the web service you want to test has only GET request then you can follow the same steps of performance testing as that of any web application.

If there are some HTTP post requests in the web service then you need to have the service's WSDL. If you are not having the WSDL file then ask your developers to provide one. Once you have WSDL then you can use the "Web service SOAP request" sampler in JMeter.


Kuldeep Rana


I know about WSDL and SOAP so in case of any doubts let me know. and moreover me too interested knowing about webservice testing using jmeter....

i know webservice testing but that is through manual part....using WSDL and SOAP.


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