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There are many tools that can be used to help you implement Acceptance Test Driven Development.  Please respond to this thread with the tool and language you are using?

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I have used Fitnesse,cucumber with java and ruby.

Would you mind taking the time to share with the group your experience with the two tools and also the two languages?

Ya,I was working on project that based on selenium and java. During that time I came across fitnesse and started using that but after some time cucumber took that place. I liked the way cucumber define the scenarios through gherkin and I integrated the cucumber into my project that was based on maven. Using ruby with cucumber is the requirement of the Organization because whole system is developed in ruby only. For java developers I would recommend maven build system to start with.

Sounds like a nice evolution.  Thank you for sharing.

1. UI Testing - Selenium + Mink + Behat + Gherkin

2. API Testing - Guzzle + Behat + Gherkin


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