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Tester! do you know why it's not working?It's not a bug?--How you feel if any developer say something like that.Yes it really hurts right! but always complaining is not a solution.we need to improve ourselves.But how? This is a million dollar question to us (QA-Team).Lets discuss to cope with this problem:

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Yes I surely agree with this point. We test from modules to modules and do regreesion testing ,retesting for a product. but still developer says it is the functonality of the system. We had to improve ourself to say the proper validation for all the problems with facts will helps us but also scales us upto that limit.Yes sure we will initate a discussion on this.
Hi Bibek,

Gud point to discuss...:)

What i feel, we are putting our best effort to test application. By mistake if any functionality is missed out & other team member (may be developer / tester / Bussiness analyst) has found one bug & he/she is blaming on us.

Then, first of all accept mistake (if u feel dats a bug) & dont forget to appreciate that person.
Secondly, try to improve urself, may be this is the opportunity to prove ourself & we dont repeat the same mistake again.

It also depends on other factors like,

1. The way we are writing the text to report bug, it should be in proper manner. It should not be like we are blaming developers.

2. Always be polite & diplomatic while discussing with team members.

I know its very difficult to handle such kind of situation. But after taking care of all these things if situation is very critcal then we should listen what our heart says " I am also a human being. Mistake can be happen ". :)

Happy testing....


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