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Hi all,


Given below is the bug,

User is giving inputs to the textbox n checking for o/p.


i/p                            actual o/p                      expected o/p

abc                          cba                               abc

abcd                        dbca                             abcd

ab                            ab                                ab



Can anybody tell me what is the bug in the above example, n how will you write summary for this ?


Thanks in advance.

-S Sarita




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sarita has asked about deffect summary...as per me deffect sumary not contains priority & severity & all details. All are mention in Bug report.

Ankit is right!


This Defect summary is posted onusing Tool I don't think we shall be mmentioning the Severity and priority in Defect Summary!!!


They will be selected in the tool.


If we are doing it in a mail or excel/word sheet, then there are lot of things to mention.


<b>Like Sev & Pri, Detected by, assigned to, release, version, build, detected date, module, project....</b>




Great !!! Siddiq

Expected o/p is not matching the actual o/p when more than 2 chars are entered. Thats the only issue. As a tested with the data given, you can not waste much time on this.




     I think the last character and first character are getting interchanged. so the summary can be

‘First and last characters of a text are interchanged in the output’

The bug here is that when we are entering more than 2 chracters,the last value and first values getting interchanged...

and as per my opinion ....if you are using qc then you have to just write summary in a simple manner with the proper description and other options you can select from dropdown like severity,priority,and enter others fields:detected date,detected in cycle.,release,assigned to,defect origin: like build,configurational.operational,environmental....

Hi Saritha,


If its possible, will you please provide results with one more user input. So, that we can come to a conclusion what is the actual bug in the software or how the data is getting interpreted.

User Input is abcde.

Summary for the bug should be :- wrong output is displayed when the numbers of characters in user input exceeds 2.


Description : on giving more than 2 character value as input , the position of the input character value changes .



First and last character of the output text has been interchanged when the length of the o/p is more than 2 chars.


I think so, rest of the details you know..





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