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Hi all,


Given below is the bug,

User is giving inputs to the textbox n checking for o/p.


i/p                            actual o/p                      expected o/p

abc                          cba                               abc

abcd                        dbca                             abcd

ab                            ab                                ab



Can anybody tell me what is the bug in the above example, n how will you write summary for this ?


Thanks in advance.

-S Sarita




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Hi Sarita,

Is this the bug or should we find what is the bug in this?


Hi Sudhamshu,

There is bug and we have to find what is the bug




     I think the last character and first character are getting interchanged. so the summary can be

‘First and last characters of a text are interchanged in the output’

hi sarita this is ranjan

tats programmable error

i mean its taking the value in reverse order.so have to do some modifications in the program logic


input is not same as ouptput(getting values in reverse order)

defect date:

assigned to:

detected by:


priority: urgent,high,low

severity: urgent,low

status: open,new,close


write the description

Hi Saritha,

                  whatever input ur giving it is displaying.so here functionality is not working.

Hi , The doubt you have asked is a basic stuff... It will be good if you master it asap.. 

see my below sample..


Severity : Major

Prerequisite :  <.......>

Test Data : <.....>

Titlte : <func name> failure.

Description : The <func name> functionality throws wrong output.

Steps  to reproduce :  ( Note : I dont know the exact function of ur application. I hv given rough idea.. U just change for ur convenience )

1. Goto (site)

2. Enter login details

3. Goto the page

4. Enter the value in the Text box.

Expected Result : The output should be <...>

Actual result : The output is <...>

Suggestion : Give your brief suggestion on your findings..



Summary :- when the input is 3 or 4 characters the testcase is fail because its shows the output in reverse order from its last digit/letter,But it pass when input is 2 characters letter .

Hi ankita,

Even I am thinking the same, But not sure about the answer .B'coz...

Can you see the display sequence of 2nd data its not in the reverse order, so  our conclusion "After entering third character data comes in revers order" is not correct


-S Sarita.


HI sarita


Yes u r right . sorry i didn't deeply focus on the output order of 2nd.

Its a programmable error

Description: when entering greater than 2 characters it shows the result of given in reverse order

Severity : High

Priority : Medium




I don't think this is a defect all at all!

When we input abc/abcd developer has nothing to code so that it becomes a defect. It has to be deeply investigated what actually is happening. It could be a defect @ Platform(Java, .Net...) which might be causing this behaviour.


I am sure Dev won't be accepting it as a defect.


However if you go by it as a REQUIREMENT,


following would be the defect summary,



On_input Text box is displaying incorrect data


Test box shall be enabled



Test Data:

abc, abcd

Expected Result:

Text box shall displayed the same input as output

Actual Result:

Text box isn’t displaying the same input as output


Text box doesn’t display correct output hence unable to proceed further

Root Cause:

Text box design and code are breaking for input more than 3 characters

Steps to Reproduce:

1)     Verify the text box behavior by entering more than 3 or more alphabets starting from a to d

2)     Verify the output is not absolute


1)     Screenshots

2)     Video File




priority and severity are missing


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