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Recently I had a client interview and he asked me the question. Could please brief the best answer without any negative impact.


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It is very interesting job like everybody creates new thing (software, machines etc) but tester try to find defects in that thing to make a perfect output or product.

Testing is a very innovative job to do.Here we find the issues, recommends the solution(Logically), forecast the Impacts and make any Application very stable and durable.

We are the only people who wins the customer Trust by performing good testing and making the application most robust.

Our job is not only to Test bt also to communicate the issues to developer and convince them abt it(Bug) Severity and Priority. We dnt stop here only even we r supposed to communicate wid clients and understand there issues if any and rectify it if its not a bug..

So a Tester job is versatile and tough in comparison to others,

I love hunting bugs in any software.

TESTER can release a QUALITY product, but not DEVELOPER
i dont agree to this QUALITY is not testers job alone its all team effort.Tester alone cant deliver a quality product. i dont think this will impress the interviewer ;),
I totally Agree with Manoj as Quality is never a one man game.Quality has to be embedded from every phase of development..If Requirement,Design,coding is not good we can't deliver a Quality Product at the end of d day..

So Its entirely a Team work frm beginning(Requirement Gathering) to end (Implementation/Support).

Agree with Manoj.
@ priya
Dont give such a answer ever in to interview. They will definitely reject you at a time.because Quality can only achieve by Team work.

Thanks & Regards,
Vishal Shah
hi arif ... i just tried to answer this question hope this might impress the interviewer

It my be an accident to be in software testing, but when started working as a test engineer, trying creative ways to break a code and assisting the team to meet the the customer requirement and add value for him was really challenging and this is wat made me stick to this career.
Hi Arif

Actually customer need quality software and tester are responsible of delivering the free defect software.
Testers are more responsibility comparing to developer and its challenging job to make the customer satisfy so I choose my career in Software Testing.

Testing is very interesting and innovative job.
We test engineers have destructive mind and developer have constructive mind.
Testing is a challenging and creative job.
Hi Arif,

Testing is about ensuring customer satisfaction which is the top priority in the whole software industry which interests my passion and thoughts.

My Answer: I didn't choose testing as a Career, testing choose me as a apprentice and I am Happy with it. Testing suits my mind, mentality.

@ Manoj,

Lakshmi Priya might have been "TESTER can ENSURE a QUALITY product, but not DEVELOPER".

We have to clear one thing..that Tester does not define Quality...he/she can just Assure..the Quality depends on the Entire Organization..it's a Team Efforts & a individual responsibility But the MAJOR thing is the Product at last will be Used by the End User....not by anyy Client...and If the End User Satisfied then ur Clinet and ur Organization all will be satisfied ..& the TESTER thinks from User point of view always and assure the Quality of the product ..which will be using at the common people Side....like us..


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