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Hi everyone,,,,

Why we need to adopt a well defined software testing life cycle early in the SDLC ?Does it
impact 'Quality and Excellence'or it will prevent any ambiguities and uncertainties
in the project later on...?


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To decrease cost, time and increase quality.

Well defined testing Cycle is use full for following item
Project Success
Quality factors
Time and Save the Cost
to deliver the error free product
Client Sanctification and business development

Every organization need to maintain the prper testing life cycle for getting the positive feedback form auditing (iso,CMM Level and Six sigma)
it only for organizational growth

Hi lakshmi Kanth Reddy,

There are several benefits of adopting a well defined Software Testing Life cycle early in the SDLC. Early preparation of test environment, in this manner avoiding any delays and unknown risks will have enough time to deal with. If we complete test cases early we will have a baseline. If there are changes later, problem will be easy to detect by comparing it with baseline. We will have time to calculate the problem’s scope. We may find that few items may not be tested, since they may not be impacted. This input can cut down on our testing phase. There is usually tendency to compress the testing time. This may impact Quality and Excellence. But if we start testing early, we may not need to squeeze our time. These are the actual benefits of adopting a well defined Software Testing Life Cycle early and it is more important and beneficial to introduce Software Testing Life Cycle from the beginning of the application development. It’ll surely prevent from the ambiguities and uncertainties in the project later on.



      Thank's to everyone, for giving your valuable replies....


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