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Since we’re all application dependent, it’s madly disappointing when you face any app crash problem while you’re highly involved with something vital. Thus, please share your views about why this happens and how to fix this problem? so that the we can use the apps without facing the disappointment.

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As per best practices from mobile testing services below are the reasons why an app crashes:

1. Bad Memory Management
2. Lack of Testing before deployment
3. Dependency on Third party ID's
4. Improper exception handling
5. Redundant Code
6. Invalid references in Code
7. Incompatible Devices

How we can fix App Crash:

We can do following to fix app crashes:

1. Reinstall the app 
2. Update the app to latest version
3. Try killing additional process on mobile to free up memory
4. Restart Mobile phone
5. You Can also try by updating OS version if that is not compatible with app
6. Clear app data and Cache for App

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