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This is latest interview question, which i was faced: Why sanity testing is also called smoke testing?

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Is unscripted.

It is narrow and deep.

Hi frnds

In my point of view both Smoke and Sanity testing are different.

Smoke testing: means after immediate complete the project development what ever the testing done by developing team or test team (based on company) is called as smoke testing.

Here testing means

1) Build properly installed or not?

2) All the Objects of that software are properly exists or not?

3) Any network or OS issues?

like the above ..... before giving the software to testing department wt ever the testing done by dev team.


Sanity testing: means after build verification testing done by dev or test team (based on company) on immediate what are the testing done by testing team is called as sanity testing.

Here testing means

1) Testing the major functionality of the software

2) Testing major GUI issues found in different browsers. 



because in smoke testing we test basic or critical features in highlevel but in sanity we test deep and narrow level..

smoke testing is scripted.....But sanity testing is Unscripted...


smoke and sanity testing both are same

Well Sanity testing is totally different from smoke testing,

smoke testing is done to test major functionality so it they work properly then we do testing of all functionality and if smoke testing is fail then we don't do more testing.


Sanity Testing, here we do testing of all functions but not regirously and even if smoke testing is fail we can go ahead to do testing.


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