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This is latest interview question, which i was faced: Why sanity testing is also called smoke testing?

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I DON'T call Sanity as Smoke, so the question is wrong...
Which book, author said sanity testing is smoke testing ?
This is an interview question, which I faced last week. I told both are diff.

Thanks for all your valuable answers.
Sanity testing is different from smoke testing.

Smoke Testing: When the build is ready from DEV team, we use to test whether basic modules/tabs are existing or not to test application further.
Sanity testing: it is complete functional testing to test all requirements are working properly or not. We are validating data and test application in positive and negative test cases
Yes you are right but in some of the companies during interviews the interviewer is telling that both are same, if we tell they are different..
i agree with your answer.... even i have faced the same question in one of my interview i told both r same... thn i came to know tht both r diff....

I have a query. Can we say that functional testing is same as sanity testing

Both Smoke & Sanity testing are same in one way that is,
its a build verification testing. When a particular module
is developed then developer will do smoke testing in order
to test whether the developed module is stable (which means
the basic functionality must work) then in turn it will
be given for testing.

Now the testers will also do the build verification testing
where we call that as Sanity testing

Both Smoke & Sanity testing are same in one way that is,

Smoke testing is a build verification testing. When the particular build was released into the test environment initially we will go for smoke testing where we check the over all modules working accordingly or not.

Where as in sanity testing we will test the entire application by covering overall functionality based on the requirement specifications.

If i'm wrong please let me know....

I think you are correct as per the books .

As per my experience, it varies from company to company. In one of the MNC, where I worked there is only smoke testing for testers, nothingcalled sanity is there for testers . In smoke, we test the stability of build.
Can we say that functional testimg is same as sanity?


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