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There is so much of hue & cry that outsourcing will be stopped bcoz of protectionism but such measures could deteriorate the situation further. What do you guys say???

Please put in your thoughts behind it on why outsourcing cannot be stopped during slowdown......

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I would ask, Why Outsourcing shall stop???

When are there more advantages than disadvantages...anyone would go with advantages.

Out Sourcing would not stop cause,
1) Skilled workforce
2) 24 * 7 work
3) Tight deadlines or hectic work
4) less cost and time and greater effort.


I agree with your answers.


Hello buddy,

Outsourcing testing cannot be stooped because it outsourcing is in very demand and has various advantages as well like:

Software Testing Services

Nowadays, there are various automated software testing tools available that reduce testing job at higher levels and make it efficient to test a software in cost and time efficient way.

It is a duty of software tester to point out the error and flaws in a software QA outsourcing and deliver an error and bug-free software to the client.

  • Alpha Testing is performed in the home by building a virtual or fake environment consisting of end users to analyze the real world experience.
  • Comparison Testing tests the software to its previous version so as to understand how much weak or stronger it has become after the changes.

 Enhance The Reach Of Software Testing

Given the wide range of operating systems and devices, a software must be able to work seamlessly over all of these.

So, it becomes necessary for the software developers to make sure that their product works well overall major platforms and devices.

The expert testing company gives quality assurance testing services by using testing tools and methods to assess the compatibility of the software across every potential platforms and device.

Increase productivity within your QA testing team


It is necessary for responsibilities and challenges to match the skills and expertise of your engineers. However, multiple QA projects might include tasks and assignments that might be new to the in-house team or require special skillsets that the in-house team does not have. 

Enhance troubleshooting skills

Every QA engineer must be able to troubleshoot instantly and individually. Focusing on quick troubleshooting rather than giving time in drafting and reporting problems can significantly increase QA fecundity and enable extra value for your QA team. 


Outsourced Software Testing


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