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Why learning 'Selenium Testing' need dedication and greater consistency ?

Unlike other software test automation tools such as UFT (Unified Functional Testing/Quick Test Professional),Ranorex or SilkTest, there is no one particular GUI based test execution followed for Selenium Tests! If tester uses a Java based Selenium Framework ,Eclipse or IntelliJ has been used; Visual Studio is an IDE for DotNet based Selenium Webdriver Frameworks;Similarly TestWise or Ruby IDEs are used in Selenium frameworks are developed using Ruby (Gem Files); Apart from all these scripting languages, if tester use Python,it has multipe supported IDEs such as Indigo,but testing experts preferred to use python scripts without any IDE in most of the cases!

How QTP/UFT has been taught in Training Programs?
Any new comer to testing industry, if they get trained in QTP, it takes three days approx. using Record and Playback mode in Flight Applications and another week (minimum) training of VBScript and then participant is ready to play with UFT from there on!

How Selenium has been taught in Training Programs:
Selenium IDE is introduced and then participant get into Java or .Net and then carry on using Selenium Webdriver,Selenium Server,Selenium RC (basically selenium set of tools) and then the training leading participant to there own hands to get more experience in programming languages.

Negative Impact:
When a participant trained in Java based Selenium Training and struck in a piece of code in some point and thinking that .Net scripting must be easy and getting into Visual Studio based .Net/C# Scripting.. In some point, people comment that Ruby based framework is easy and then participant jump to gem files (in ruby programming) and finally trying luck with Python and end up with nothing!
What goes wrong?
No programming language is under rated!
Java is equivalent to .Net,Python and Ruby...
But, lot of job opportunities result in Java based Selenium Framework only! (as per the latest survey results by indeed.com)

Thus, participant is free to learn any programming language based selenium training, but java based framework learning is 'must'! At times, .Net based selenium testing programmers (so called 'SDET') are earning higher than Java based selenium programmers. But it is highly recommended that most of the organisations rely on Java based developments and code snippets.
Why Learning Selenium is so expensive?
Training programs mint money by taking advantages of participants and their own interests to jump start as Automation Testers.
But how many training providers provide training as a 'learning journey'?

Selenium Training can not be framed into particular days of 'training program'. It should be an ongoing project development using GIT or SVN to get scripting as part of day-to-day life!

Following are the recent books to help in Selenium Webdriver (including Selenium 3) learning:

Meanwhile, its pre-order has been enabled for eBooks from PlayStore and Google Books and from bookscamel.com for paperback (printed) books.

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