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Why is it the process of creating the plan that matters,not the plan itself?

Hi everyone,
Why is it the process of creating the plan that matters,not the plan itself?

lakshmi kanth reddy

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I read this question at least 10 times but still could not understand. What exactly you wanted to ask? Could you please explain in a very simple language?


Hi Ravi,

   >Because all the issues and questions defined in a test plan or areinfluenced by other project functional groups or team members.

   >Getting everyone to understand and agree to the contents of the plan is what matters.

   >Privately creating a  paper document  and putting it on a shelf is not just a waste of time,but also jeopardizes the project.



lakshmi kanth reddy



You seems to critisize this statement. For what reasons do you think process is important than product?

Hi siddiq,

    Without the process how you approach the product tell me.

I don't mean process is not important! it is very important but only next to product!



Agree with Siddiq.


Lakshmi - I disagree with your statement. (It is not entirely right)


The process of creating a test plan is a tedious one (I understand and acknowledge that) because you need to reach out to various people to get the information on the plan. But the end product (once you have filled in the pieces) is very much important because it is a legal document that can be used against you if you do not meet the set expectations set in the document!

Hi Behbood  Hussain,

          A Test Plan can be defined as a document that describes the scope,approach,resources and schedule of inteneded test activities.It identifies test items,the features to be tested,the testing tasks,who will do each task,and any risks requiring contingency planning.

          The main purpose of preparing a Test plan is that everyone concerned with the project are in sync with regards to the scope,responsibilities,deadlines and deliverables for the project.It is in this respect that reviews and sign off are very important since it means that everyone is in agreement of the contents of the test plan and this also helps in case of any dispute during the course of the project[especially between the developers and the testers]

        A Test plan is a useful way to think through the efforts needed to validate the acceptability of a software product.The completed document will help outside the test group understand the 'why' and 'how' of product validation.

Which is why the process of creating the plan and the plan itself are BOTH important!!
Hi Ravi , without Test plan how you approach product testing ,tell me...


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