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Any one tell me exact reason for this question.

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Hi Meenakshi,

1) Manual is a Time taking process
2) Automation is more helpful for Big Projects and it is also helpful for Testing the tests repetatively


Manual is a Time taking process???

I am not a Automation fan, just a admirer. I feel like Match stick has 2 purpose to Light-up and Burn, it's upto us to decide when, why, what and How.

Automation :

1) Application under Test is huge in size, complex in nature, tedious in calculations, dependencies and Business rules

2) Cost affordable to acquire the tool is acceptable

3) Timeliness for automation are under acceptable limits

4) Automation has advantages like Fast, Reusable, Repeatable, Reliable, Maintainable.

A part from these Automation has lot of advantages and too many disadvantages, biggest being REQUIRE A HUMAN to do everything!


Hope you can understand Menakshi :)
Hi Kamali,

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Automation testing is time consuming..
Automation testing is not needed for all kinds of projects. Its based on the requirement. For doing performance testing, we cant do manually. Automation testing is very helpful in that case. Also for regression testing, we can go for automation.
We can do automation testing only after doing manual testing. i.e there should not be any showstoppers in the system to be tested

Hi Meenakshi,
Answer to this question is purely objective. While it is a know fact that you cannot test everything manually, it is also true that you cannot just automate something just for the heck of it. Automating a test is a very important call taken by the management only & only when it is necessary.
Now coming to the actual question, as said above all kinds of testing cannot be done manually. Say you are testing a web application ( a website for example...), you have done manual testing on that and are through but...!!! there is something called as Load testing, Stress testing which basically gives an idea about the behavior of the website if more number of people access it at the same time. These kind of things which cant be tested manually are automated using a tool. Also any portal which needs re-testing & regression testing every now & then is automated so that tester does not fell bored having worked on the same thing again & again.
I hope that atleast solves your plight to a certain extent... friends please share your thoughts on this

hi to all ,

the main obective of automatoin is
1) reuseble : the genarated script can b executed independent of versions .
2) Portable : the genarated script can b executed across the doffernt operfating systems .
3)maintaianable : if we want to make any modifications to the genareated script ,itis done with less effort and cost.
4)automation is a time saving actavity
5) reliable results , consistency in testing
6)wecan reduce human resourcess and cheaper in long term testing actavitry .
7)when ever we feel the appln is too complex and critical to go for manual testing , to go for regression and retesting

hello frnds, correct me if iam wrong
Automation is not a replacement to manual testing. Automation has advantages like, fast, unattended processing, consistency and time saving.

Say a human may test a scenario with patience and interest for 100 times but, the 101st time he may lose interest, patience and gets confidence that whatever he does is correct which is not accepted as a software may not behave same at all times. hence in such scenarios, automation is considered where the toolcan maintain consistency.

Unattended processing; You can schedule ur automation scripts to start testing the AUT after u leave for the day which includes error handling. This doesn't require any human intervention.


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