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Why almost all the software companies preferred MANUAL Testing?


Why almost all the software companies preferred MANUAL Testing even so many automation tools (open source, HP Tools, IBM Tools, etc…) are present in the market?

Is there any reason?


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Why almost every company prefer Manual testing

Advantages of Manual testing

1. Manual testing is basic one
2.Manual testing requires less cost than automated testing
Every compaines not able to buy such a highly comparitive price software to do involve in testing because cost of automation is too high as compared to Manual Testing. After doing the testing manual and s/w is compatible to run on automations thatswhy compaines prefered Manual tester as compared to Automation.
1) Lack of expert resource
2) frequenct changes of Application
3) Budget issue with client and Management
4) Software and Hardware compatiblity

But i suggested we will do Performance testing through open source software to test load capacity ....

Let me know if i m wrong.. mail me to meetanudeep@gmail.com thanks,
I am not agreeing with some points like software and hardware compatibility. All the automation tools are developed with keeping in mind of software and hardware compatibility. So there is no issue of software and hardware compatibility.

Second thing is open source software for Performance test, which is not totally recommendable because all the functions are not available in trail version and you also not claimed for any wrong output. Also due to the error of tools and lack of knowledge on tools there is a chance to produce of wrong analytical results.

If any one have any concern on this please update here.

P. Panda
One of the most important aspect why companies preffer manual is that no matter whatever the advanced tool is available in the market it fails to identify bugs that are found manually campared automation.100% automation is never possible.Most crtical bugs are uncovered in manual testing takes an edge over automation.Even while doing performance testing tough we have so many tools but still it is tested manually with many users to test the application behaviour in real senario.So the end point is automation is helpful in testing only the non critical areas.
Thanks everyone, those who are replying to this question. I didn’t expect, I will get 15 answers.

Once again thanks
Simple – less cost
Acording to my point of view

1.BUDGET (Automation tools are costly)
2.Training Problem
3.Management Issues
4.Changing requirement
5.Skilled work force is also less in Automation so this is another problem

All things can do manually ,there is no functionality which we cant test by manual,we can test everthing by manual

but when it comes for Performance then practically it is quite difficult at that time most of the companies go for Automation.

Correct me if i am wrong
Yes Ajay you are answer is correct.
Testing is an Integral part of any software development cycle.Manual Testing is preferred over Automation is just bcoz dere r some areas which cant be automated.
Documentation Testing
Installation/ Uninstallation Testing

At the same time Automation testing is dere bt its not easy for every company to afford tool and resources.
Even all projects can't be automated as it cannot wear such expenses.At the End of the day i must conclude that Manual Testing is not going to get out of market despite wht ever technologies might cum into picture.
Hi all,

Here are some additional reasons

• Proficiency is required to write the automation test scripts.
• Debugging the test script is major issue. If any error is present in the test script, sometimes it may lead to deadly consequences.
• Test maintenance is costly in case of playback methods. Even though a minor change occurs in the GUI, the test script has to be rerecorded or replaced by a new test script.
• Maintenance of test data files is difficult, if the test script tests more screens.

Hi Priya,

As per my knowledge,

Manual testing comes or preferred first, as every application needs to checked against requirement specifications. If requirement specifications are stable and application is 90% as per specification then any company thinks to automate that process either by using Open source or Commercial tools depends on the budget of the company.

Manual testing is compulsory before automation testing.
Most of the companies as per their organization structure, either a Manual tester or Test Manager or Test Lead will decide which modules or which part of the functionality should be automated.

Rest of the main points are discussed in previous discussions.

With Regards,
Mainly automation testing tool used for performance testing to test web applications. Rest of testing done by manually in most of the times.


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