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Why almost all the software companies preferred MANUAL Testing?


Why almost all the software companies preferred MANUAL Testing even so many automation tools (open source, HP Tools, IBM Tools, etc…) are present in the market?

Is there any reason?


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Hi Priya... following are few reasons:

1. Automation is cost effective
2. Low Time Frame for a project
2. Frequent Requirement Changes
3. Resource Cost
4. Needs extra time and cost for Training

Hi Priya,

I first thought of let it go this topic as already there are many "same" answers were posted for your question.

Coming back to your topic: Why manual testing?

I have assumed some points from the question of yours:
1. She has thorough knowledge of manual testing
2. She does not find out new ways of doing things differently
3. She is master of automation tools
4. She does not want to cultivate her own ideas, rather want to use automated tool to help her out
5. She believes that using "automation" everything is possible
6. She does believe that machines, tools are smarter than a human
7. She does believe that automating the things will solve the problem

These are just my assumptions, so even if you don't agree with them, thats fine with me!

Everyone has talked about cost, management, bla bla bla. They all seems quite obvious answers when you see this question in nut-shell. What they all said right though if only one side is considered.

Machines, tools are smart enough but not smarter than human brain. The problem with automation tools is that you may find them easy to use, speedy, and helpful but they will not guarantee you that you've missed out on something! The next question you might ask - can manual testing guarantee this? My answer would be - if it planned well, and executed then YES.

If it is to be completed by a machine, tool then we *no more* required! This is not just selfish thing but it has meaning in it. It means that we think that tools are more useful than any human brain - when the fact is that we only created these tools. I'm not against use of *automation tools* but I'm a believer that we should use them appropriately then only we can achieve good results. If we use these tools in collaboration with human brain then the results are much more impressive!

How about complex test cases where use of automation tools will not sufficient? A test case where manual intervention is required. Can a tool tells me about best color match for my site? These are just of the example where the use of automation tools is not useful.

Everything has a limit, but then we've to find out how to encounter those limits.

Best Regards,


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Hello buddy,

Well, That's not true because now companies are more towards automation testing because it has more advantages as compared to the automation testing.

Procedure for Test Automation:

Feasibility Analysis:


  • A right choice of scenarios to be tested.
    A high-level knowledge of the application in order to modularize them.
    A quantitative evaluation and comparative analysis of automation devices based on criteria with particular weights.
    Understanding the technical structure of the application, the add-ins depending on the technical structure, the communication rules, and the applicability of the automation tools and tool adapters.
    Carrying out a Proof of Theory on the application.

Additional Methods

One of these approaches is the stress test in which the functions of the application and operational infrastructure will be tested to its limits with a stress test, which can’t be performed manually.

Faster Time-to-Market: 
Test Automation really helps reduce the time-to-market of an application by enabling constant achievement of test cases.

Once automated, the test library execution is faster and runs longer than manual testing.
Accelerated Results: 
Owing to the quick implementation of automated testing, most of the time is saved even for difficult and enormous systems.

This permits for the automated software testing servicesto be carried out repeatedly, delivering faster results each time with lesser effort and time.



Hello buddy,

Manual testing is done by software quality analysts. Who carefully analyze it by the application screens and try out different usage and input combinations.

They analyze the results to the expected delivery and report their observations.

But, these manual processes have to be repeated often during the software life cycle due to either an unexpected source code change or due to other circumstances.
Some of the other factors include multiple operating conditions or hardware configurations that might appear from time to time.

Here are the following reasons why software companies preferred MANUAL Testing:

  • Manual Testing Is Eye Ball Testing
    Applications With Short Life Cycles.
    Applications That Have Guis That Constantly Changes
    It Requires Less Time And Expense To Begin Productive Manual Testing.
    Automation Cannot Replace Human Intuition, Inference, And Inductive Reasoning.
    Automation Testing Cannot Change Course In The Middle Of A Test Run To Examine Something That Had Not Been Previously Considered.
    Manual Qa Testing Can Be Used In Both Small And Big Projects.


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