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Basically UAT can be done User (Customer Team), UAT Test Cases will be designed by User, if they don't know how to make their requirements in to Test cases then Independent Testing Team will support User to design Test cases for UAT.

These Test cases are not similar to other Test Cases (Functional/System etc), why bcoz its purely linked with User performance on the product in the live environment and their best practices in the Product, and its depends on the domain. some times UAT can be done like a layman.

UAT Test Cases can be provided/designed/explained by Customer/User, due to few problems like lack of knowledge on preparation of Test cases/Testing, No time, etc Independent Testing can assist the User/Customer to generate UAT Test cases.
Yes ...i am totally agree with Pavan..Good Answer .
Thanks Pavan
its very gud and detailed. Thanks for sharing ur knowledge.
Hi Arpita,
Although UAT test cases are meant to be written by the Customer/User But if you are working for a Services Company or 3rd Party testing company then most of the time you will have to write the test cases and get the approval from the customer and also run them at Client/Customer place most of the user education also practically happens here if the Customer/User happens to be a Non-IT company.
On the other hand for complex systems and if the customer happens to be IT background and all the more from countries like JAPAN, then the USER are keen to every detail and writes UAT cases themselves and ensure each of them pass at their end on their machines.
Hi Ravi
Thanks for explaing me in detail
Please read
There are a few more ...surf Google using search words as "UAT Testing-test cases".


Dr Ananthakrishnan
Hi Dr Ananthakrishnan ,
the second link is not working.
thanks for the information
As per the standard QA processes, UAT scripts are written by Client to validate their all the business logic that they want to verify in the application before go live.

Now a days, UAT scripts are written by one who has complete business knowledge, like Business Analyst, Subject Matter experts.
Hi Ajit,
Thanks for the information. one of my client requirement is use cases input in to the testcases in UAT Testing . I am not at alll understand about what they want . do u have any idea ?
in my view Its Clear requirement, you need to take all use cases as input to design UAT Test Cases. Design the UAT Test Cases with the help of Use cases. its simple and easy task.
Hi Pavan
Thanks for sharing ur knowledge


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