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Who will estimate the test duration in your company?

I am bit confused, Project Manager (or) Test Manager. But in my company Test Analyst will decide the testing time.


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Dear Kamali,,

It depends upon company process or how to project & application, decided which project how to time then work it.

Sandip Wagh
Can you share job profiles / responsibilities of all these 3 roles in your company ?
Hi, Generally this is core responsibility of "Test Manager" in consensus with "Test lead" to decide the the test duration. VROM and ROM are gather for each testable items from test lead and consolidated. Finally "Test Manager" will pass this information to stakeholder.
This is very much true that this vary with organizational hierarchy.
what is VROM and RM
Hi Kamali,

It is dependson company process or based on project. In our comp. our module lead(Testing) are going to decide.

Ganesh Jayam
Depends of the company process, Mostly PM and Test Lead will decide the time estimation
Depends on your company, TM can estimate the test duration


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