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Who in the company is responsible for for release Quality Product?

Is Test Lead is the responsible for quality product?

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Hi Barghavi,

For the release of the Quality Product "Manager" level people are resposible like Release manager, Delivery manager etc....


Everyone who work directly or indirectly work in the project/product is responsible.

On the broader sense,

1) RM or DM only hand overs the applications!
2) Managers who worked
3) Leads who worked on the product

Hi Barghavi!
So genious and curious question.

The responsibility to release Quality product depends on
1. Stucture of company
2. Complexity of software product
3. Management's visibility towardsQuality
4. Size of company ( small. medium and big )

However I am replying it considering general and conscious approach towards Quality:
A Professional Team or Quality Assurance Team plays major role in release of Quality Product.
QA team in association with management team assures the quality of product.
The Quality Assurance people have the tasks:
a) To ensure flexibility of product developed by a software development team.
b) The end product must be capable of getting adapted in atmospheres of different companies installing it.
c) To ensure the customization characteristics of product to be delivered at end.
d). to ensure that the end product is going to meet all the standards, processes and procedures already prevailing in different types of companies.

There must be two separate teams for Software Quality Assurance and Software Quality Testing.
Quality assurance is based upon standards and established plans, quality test procedures are followed on the bases of concrete figures and numbers
It is to be ensured that the product designed by software development is process compliant to run successfully in business environment.

The Software Development Team in conjuction with QA Group determines and finalises Release Procedures.
The need for control increases proportionally to the number of individuals that use the products of software development. As a result, different control procedures will be used depending on use.
Preliminary software releases are identified with numeric revision identification and will be used early in the development process. These release identifiers will be used on software deliverables when sufficient functionality has been developed and can be used by others outside of the immediate software development team. Baseline software releases are identified with alphabetic revision identification will be used later in the development process at specified milestones. For the SIS, these milestones are identified in the Software Development Schedule.

_________ JAY ________
Thanks for the detailed answer!

Jay, thanks for detailed explanation. I agree with your answer.

Jay thanks for the detailed answer..



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