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Which type of testing is best for software testing. ??

I would like to know which type of testing is best for software testing. please help  me..

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We can categorize Software testing into 02 parts:

1. Manual testing
2. Automated Testing

Manual Testing: Manual testing consist of following testing techniques. Which is performed by functional testing engineers as per the SDLC/STLC followed in respective organization.

- User Interface Testing
- User Acceptance Testing
- Usability Testing
- Error Handling Testing
- Installation Testing
- Security Testing

Automated Testing: Here you can automate the manual efforts which  can significantly improve your productivity and ultimately will reduce your testing time period. Automated testing is suggested for following conditions:

- Projects that require testing the same areas frequently
- Not frequent change in requirements
- Product with good stability

You can download the automated testing checklist and evaluate your automated testing services and workflow.


In Software testing there are many types of testing that can help you
but this two types are most important
1. Manual Testing
2. Automation testing


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