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Which server we should use for Load testing using Loadrunner ?

Hi Guys,
Please tell me that, I should use testing server or Live server for web applications testing using loadrunner.........


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Hi Shashank,

I think Your Question is Wrong....!!
Because Lodrunner doesn't worry about the server..
Each Load Runner Version has certain supported Protocol List.. Normally that is known as FootPrint of that Loadrunner Version..
check the Corresponding Protocol used to access the application that is supported by Load runner or not.!

i attached the supported Protocol List for Loadrunner but it may vary from one version to another version..

Your saying only about server only then Let me know that which server your looking like Supported Web server, Application Server, DB Server.??

Saravanan J
'Don't Worry Be Happy'
Hi Saravanan, Thanks for your reply.
in My question server means :
Testing server as : http://testing.abc.com ot http://localhost.....
Live server as : www.abc.com

So i want to know, which one i can use or i can use any one,

I think Both you can use..
Hi Shashank,

U can use any server but its depends on testing which you want to test the testing application which is deployed on testing server or if you want to tested live application then u will use live server.
i.e depends on ur requirement.

Let me know if u wnat any more... or mail me meetanudeep@gmail.com
Thanks Anudeep.........


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