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Which one you prefer Manual Testing (or) Automation Testing? Why?

Which one you prefer Manual Testing (or) Automation Testing? Why? Any one give me detail answer to my question

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Manual testing is more beneficial. As for any project starting with testing once has to do a round of manual testing to check the basic functionalities are working fine. As far as automation is considered, it should be done only when lot of regression testing is required and only for stable applicaton. Lot of projects are now following agile methodology which makes difficult to automate it. Also automation is benificial for longterm projects. In fact we should evaluate the ROI for automation before starting any automation project . that would be cost effective as well as feasible too.

So I would prefer Manual Testing
Depends on the situation, client, project constraints, quality factors to be addressed.

You are right, It is depends on the clients / projects

Manual testing and Automation testing both are having equal importance but the automation testing is for stable applications. by using automation testing time will be save and by using automation testing we can do our work some what fast.
Hi kamali ,

According to me , it depends on the criticality , complexity , time duration , financail issues ,technical expertise and human resources before going for testing any application either manually or automation .

As a tester its our resposibility to get expertise with both forms of testing .

As per my knowledge in the real times 80% of the work can b done in manual testing and remaining 20% depends on the
criticality , complexity , time duration , financail issues ,technical expertise and human resources through automation .

Automation plays a supportive role not an alternative role bcz before going for automation we need to test the application thouroughly at least once in manual testing for checking the stability .

I hope this might calarify ur qns .

correct me if iam wrong ,

Gouri sankar,
I will prefer Manual Testing, because I love it
ANUAL TESTING: Testing an application without taking the
help of any automated tool such as winrunner, load runner,
QTP etc.,, It takes more time. Much of human effort is
required. Can't test the application throughly before the
release. Takes much time for regression testing.


AUT is nothing but "application Under test "
after the designing and coding phase in s/w in SDLC ,
the application comes for testing then at the time the
application is stated as application under test

Testing an application with an help of
some automation tool like winrunner, loadrunner, QTP etc.,
Runs test fast than human resources, can test application
before its release. You can repeat the scripts N-number of

For Regression Testing We prefer Automation Tool and before that one important thing is application should be tested twice manually.

-S Sarita

Hello buddy.

What I feel is that automation testing has more advantages as compared to the manual testing and because of that I like automation testing more.

Benefits of automation testing

Get more meaningful reporting:

Many automation testing tools come with a tracking system inbuilt in them for each test script. With visual logs describing all the test script execution, it makes life simpler.


If you need 100% accuracy every time you run the test, then you should go for automation. Even a security manual testing specialist can make errors at times while executing the same set of activity for a long time. So, increase the accuracy of automation.

Optimal usage of resource:

Manual testing might need more manpower compared to automation. Implementation of automation process absolutely brings down the manpower demand.

Get better test coverage:

At the time you might come across test cases having more than hundred lines of code and in such cases, it becomes very tough to manage it through manual testing efforts. Automation can certainly bring in the better test coverage with enhancements.

Bug detection at an early stage:

Implementing automation at the first stage of the project makes sure early bug detection, saving a lot of effort and time.


Automation Testing Services


As per practices of functional testing services,

When to use Manual Testing:

1) Manual Testing is helpful when we have to do Exploratory Testing. In this testing, the tester's knowledge, experience, analytical skill, and creativity is required. When we have poorly written specification documentation or we have a short time for execution so for this we need human skill to execute the testing process.

2) When we have an unplanned method of testing and there is no specific approach to test the application then manual testing can help us.

3) When our application is not stable and there are frequent changes going into the application then Manual Testing will work.

4) Manual testing comes in scope when we have to run test cases very frequently like once or twice in a week or month.

5) Small changes in application like updating in id, class any other UI changes won't effect manual tester execution efforts.

6) In manual testing, human observation is included so it can be useful to deliver a user-friendly system.

7) Manual testing should be done completely on application to make it ready for Automation testing.

8) Knowledge of programming is not required in manual testing.

9) Manual testing provides fast and more accurate visual feedback.

10) Manual testing is less expensive as we do not need to spend too much on automation tools.

11) Automation testing done with tools so there is less human interference. so it may not provide user user-friendly or positive customer experience.

When to use Automation Testing:

1) Automation testing comes in scope when we have a stable application.

2) When we have to do Regression Testing, Load Testing or repeatable functional test cases then automation testing can be helpful.

I think Automation testing is better than Manual testing because Automated testing helps you find more bugs than a human tester. Manual testing is a less reliable testing method because it is conducted by humans. Therefore, it is always prone to mistakes and errors.


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