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Which one is the most efficient testing model preferred by a Tester

need your opinion friends...
which 1 do you think is the best one guys??

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If you think the QA is start after coding phase then my dear definitely you should update your knowledge. QA is start as soon as a project received so the Testing is start from requirement gathering. I think you are not aware of this.

Please find the file here enclosed.

No Mr. u r very rt that QA starts from very 1st phase of SDLC

.Do all those which u have mentioned are Models of STLC ya SDLC.

Just clarify it and forward me d Link if u have gone thru or read somewhere or where so ever it is wiitten in anybook or website dat those are Testing Models..Pls let me knw..

As we all r here to discuss n upgrade our knowledge based on logic,support of ur ans and evidence not to argue

I wud b higly thankful if u just also provide me such refernce frm where u have read all these models as a Testing Model

If you know all these are model of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), so what more you needs to accept that these are the models made for “Testing”. I don't understand what you like to proof or I am very sorry for not understand your requirement. Any how please specify your requirement properly and find a file here I enclosed regarding Software Testing Life Cycle Models. In my all previous organizations IBM , Microsoft and Capgemini we are also used these models for testing.

Thanks all
Working with IBM ,Microsoft will not change the Principles of Testing.Models for SDLC,Diffrent terms used for Testing.

These all things r universal.

My question is that we cannot call SDLC model as Testing model?Where as u r supporting by calling V model,Waterfall model as a diffrent Testing model.This is not correct.

Anyways thx for ur prompt reply and document send..

Dnt take otherwise i was just asking u wht doubts and perception i had ? as i havnt came across in my Testing career calling these models as a testing model.

Thx a ton...for ur reply and ur documet send..

You are right, the principles of testing for universal. But that has to be identified, implemented and recognized by some successful organization. IBM & Microsoft are dare to implement different types STLC models and others are follow-up the same. So don't say there is no STLC model literally.

Please don't take other sense, but you are telling you had not come across in your testing career, so I would like to know how many years of testing experience you have and for how many cmmi/Global Class Level organization you had worked.

Ravi you are right . There is no model for Testing.

hi panda.. i am madhu latha working as a software engineer trainee...

i am on to the project regarding mobile application for android iphone black berry and i-pad.

if you have any idea regarding this please help me

it would be perfect if the question is what type of efficiant techniques is prefered by a tester...?
Find the file here related to Testing Model
Of course V-Model. We are using in my company.
U might b using V model but that is not a testing model dat is SDLC model which ur company uses and this models suggest that developemt n testing goes hand to hand..

Ravi Kumar


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