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Which one is the most efficient testing model preferred by a Tester

need your opinion friends...
which 1 do you think is the best one guys??

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I don't understand your question, may be you can describe your question more in depth with project description.
Like, what kind of application you are going to test, time limitation etc.
V model approach is always appreciable.

V Model is not a Testing Model for ur knowledge..Bt its a Application Development Model..Like...
2.Waterfall Model
4.Spiral Model
5.Prototype Model
6.Iterative Model and son on...These are system development model..not a Testing a Model...

Manish Pls elaborate do u want to knw abt all these models or something else..
Hi Manish

I like and prefer V-Model .......

Best Regards,

I dont think people are still using Waterfall Model. In present world most popular models would be 'V-Model' & AGILE model.


Actually the testing model selection is vary from project to project...
regarding to the domain of the project the model selection takes place..
but...Agile testing in V-Model is widely used and prefered model..

Queries invited...
Hi sireesha'

I belive upto my knowledge V-Model is Application development approach right.. is it testing model.....
hope constructive clarification..
Thanks in advance..
The models are depends on following few things

1. Type of Application
2. Domain
3. Time frame for Application
4. Complexity of Application

You have to select the model on the base of the above criteria not what are the tester preferred. Select the model which is suitable to the application. If any one have any updates please let me know.

Can u pls tell me what are the Types of Testing Model..??

It Depends upon company policies

Which kind of model they prefeered

not on tester

i think so
There are various models which have been presented in the past 20 years in the field of Software Engineering for Development and Testing. But following few models are very famous models.

Waterfall Model.
Spiral Model.
'V' Model.
'W' Model, and
Butterfly Model

If any one need any updates how this is related to Testing then I can share a file.


For best of ur knowledge i wud like to update u dat these were never a Testing Model bt all these are the System Development Model used to develop a Application.

As we all knw that Testing is one of d phase of any model.In nutshell we call it as a Subset of SDLC.

So there is no testing model like u specified in ur above reply Mr. Panda.

If there is pls forward me d URL..i wud also like to knw...


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