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Which one is best framework to go with Protractor ? JASMIN or CUCUMBER?

Which one is best framework to go with Protractor ? JASMIN or CUCUMBER?

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I prefer CUCUMBER with Selenium Web Driver. CUCUMBER JS is easy to used.

Hi Veena,

It's good to know you are interested in testing your application using most frequently used tools like Protractor with Jasmin and Cucumber.

As per my experience, Cucumber is always the best choice because of it's multiple features which are mentioned below -

1) User can write specifications based on the behaviour of application especially for performance acceptance testing.

2) Cucumber uses boilerplate to make tests read like English senetnces using regular expressions to match step definition functions while Jasmine includes plain text description as argument to test a function.

3) If there are manual engineers in your team with less coding knowledge, Cucumber will play vital role.

4) Cucumber allows you to better organise your suits of tests together with tags and hooks.

5) Jasmine requires creating specs and tests which is cumbersome job for a person with less coding knowledge however with BDD framework, tasks become simpler.

If you are new to automation then its always recommended that you can consult to any automation testing company

I hope my answer will help you.

Anand Singh


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